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Strays of Camp Dragon

Stray Cats Of TheBonfireMedia

Yes Actual Stray Cats not the band although I do like Stray Cats – Rock This Town

The Bonfire Media is a haven for stray cats, i don’t know why (lie) but cats just keep showing up at Camp Dragon. I would have every cat spayed or neutered but i can’t afford it, and feeding 27 and counting is getting out of hand. With that I’m asking for your help, no i can’t send some to you but you can “adopt” them all.  Why “all you ask good question, because they’re cats they come and go most are hard to get close to and we don’t play favorites here. Right Cheeto

Daddy! I'm stuck

Daddy! I’m stuck

ok she’s the only one I took in personally… Anywho… I’ll  keep posting pics so you can see what you’re supporting. As always your support is need and very much appreciated.

(working on photos)

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