Hello, I’m Jon T Dragon and this is our story.


It all started a few weeks ago on twitter, if it stayed on twitter I wouldn’t be writing this article now. A lady named Caroline Hogan (aka Guacamole Hogan on twitter is/was @DillyPickler @DillyPicklerTwo I know her as @GuacamoleCaz  )  who I thought was a friend at the time has taken a twitter “break up” to the extreme. Anyone that has been on twitter/social media for a while and made friends understands that some friendships dissolve, feelings get hurt and people stopped talking to one another. On social media this is easy to handle you just unfriend or block/ mute the other person. This this is how most everybody handles a bad situation online. Most people don’t resort to blackmail and intimidation off-line in the real world messing with real people’s lives. Caroline Hogan did she’s released personal information on me and others on twitter. She has called the families, schools, ex-husbands and workplaces of others. She has endanger our children our friends and our jobs. Ms. Hogan must be stopped I’m hoping that law enforcement both the FBI and Interpol can do something about it. I’m writing this article both for them and for you.



There are lessons to be learned about your online activities having real-world consequences.  I know what you’re thinking we’ve heard all this before we’re careful about our online activities. We keep an eye on your kid’s online activities. I thought the same thing to, but I’ve come to understand that even the simplest of online activities can be misconstrued twisted and use against you.

Think about that family photo you have on Facebook, that photo of you sitting in your backyard or leaning up against your new car. What if an obsessive crazy person got ahold of that and posted it all over twitter along with the threat to release more? What if this crazy person threatened to print out private messages, DM conversations you had with her and send them to your church? What would you do if she hacked your account and got all the information she needed to make a few phone calls? What would happen if someone half a world away in the UK picked up a telephone and called your ex-husband threatening to ruin his career? Right now someone reading this is thinking you shouldn’t tell anybody on social media what you wouldn’t tell a stranger on the street. This does sound like good advice but we tell strangers all kinds of stuff all the time. What about those you thought were friends? What embarrassing things have you done that somebody else knows, things that could be use against you. So far I think I’ve been pretty lucky Ms. Hogan pulled a few photos of me from my personal Facebook account. I have no real way of knowing what else she got from my account before I was able to lock it down. I guess we’ll find out when she decides to turn them into meme’s and post them all over the place, like she did with another guy.


I’m absolutely certain that Ms. Hogan is going to say that this article is full of baseless accusations and might even try a libel lawsuit. She has said as much on twitter. So why would I post this and expose myself further? Because the truth will out. I will stand in the blaze of truth and let the bonfire burn away the shadow of lies from others. Speaking of others this story does not just involve me and Ms. Hogan. The real damage off-line that Ms. Hogan has done is to my friends.




Let us start with one of the worst things that Ms. Caroline Hogan has done. It involves a wonderful lady named Nancy a quiet, shy and reserved woman from small town USA, much like the rest of us. Nancy wasn’t looking for trouble and had no idea what was about to happen. Being from a small town where everybody knows everybody Nancy’s only real contact with the outside world was on twitter. She found great entertainment and friendship with those of us online. But she also found something else, someone she really liked. It’s not uncommon these days for someone to meet a companion or friend even a soul mate in the online world. I’m sure those of you like me who have spent a lot of time on social media, in forums, messengers and chat rooms have come across one or two at least. Those who find an escape online from the drudgery of daily life will understand fully.


Unfortunately because of Mrs. Hogan’s actions off-line Nancy no longer has that choice. Ms. Caroline Hogan has contacted Nancy’s ex-husband and lied to him, threatened his business. A man that has been described by some as “very controlling and abusive” Ms. Hogan probably knows this which is why she called him. She’s also contacted Nancy’s children’s school and lied to them. Imagine having to go to the administrators of your children’s school in a small town where everybody knows everybody knows everything and explain to them why some crazy lady from the United Kingdom is saying who knows what. Actually Nancy knows but she’s too terrified to tell me exactly what’s going on. What Ms. Hogan did has gone far beyond stupid meme’s and snarky comments on twitter. What Ms. Hogan has done is illegal. In the real-world it’s called stalking, harassment and terroristic acts. Yes I said terroristic acts, her actions have terrified a child and his mother among others. Caroline Hogan is causing a family to fight, Nancy to be kicked out of her house and lose her job. She has also terrorize a child and his school. Ms. Hogan has the whole town talking, snickering, staring and sent a decent mother and child into hiding. I’m absolutely sure that Ms. Hogan is completely pleased with the terror, dismay and anarchy that she has caused in a good woman’s life, but you don’t have to take my word for it.



The following is a partial email exchange I had with Nancy in the last couple of days. My notations will be (enclosed)


“Well, Jon, where do I start…? Please don’t use my name or anyone else associated with me.  And thank you so much.  I have no proof of anything, I just can’t get it. (Non-techie people will understand that part plus Phone records require a court order) The school said someone from social media has it out for me, and through the grapevine, I heard she (Caroline Hogan) sent screen shots of tweets regarding Muslims, where I was swearing and calling ppl whores. (Our twitter accounts are political and get heated) She also sent Dick (Ex) a friend request and went through our Facebook pages and contacted everyone with the same last name and told them I was having an affair with someone online (you can’t have an “affair” when you’re single) and she also sent them screen shots. (Screenshots from Nancy’s account that Caroline may have hacked) My son, never gave her the time of day but she tried. (Caroline tried to use a boy against his mother) She used the name Carol Smiley and said she was born in 1984. (Lies and deceit are tools of the trade for Caroline Hogan)  That’s the only thing on that Facebook page, which of course is gone now. (Because of Ms. Hogan Nancy is terrified to have anything to do online with social media) She just made that up to go through everyone I knew and Dick knew”. (Ms. Hogan trolled Nancy’s Facebook, tried to manipulate Nancy’s little boy in order to obtain information to conduct real-world off-line terroristic activities)


But it doesn’t stop there…


“I’m very scared of her because she lies and makes things up and once someone hears something like this, it’s always in the back of their mind. She has planted the seed with my friends, family, and the school. I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone including families. I have always been well respected here as far as the school and parents are concerned. My oldest grew up and went to the same three schools that my youngest goes too. That’s right, 3 schools (I did mention it was a small town) and all the same people work there, the same teachers and everything. I have volunteered at the school for 15 years. (It is unclear at this time if Nancy still can) I am horrified.  All this, not to mention my job, which I am fighting for -still. (The first reports when this happened on November 6 was that Nancy was fired from her job) She (Caroline Hogan) has contacted my ex-husbands who I have maintained close relationships with. (Apparently it’s a complicated legal relationship he actually kicked her out of the house she was living in because of this, yes Caroline Hogan’s actions left this lady and her little boy homeless right at the beginning of winter) Ugh!!! What a nightmare.

I just can’t take this shit, Jon.” (On a side note Nancy’s ex is a real douche in my opinion)


Stand strong Nancy we’re doing everything we can to make sure Ms. Hogan pays legally for what she’s done to you.

Now you seen what Ms. Hogan can do in the real world let’s move on to what she’s threatening to do to someone else. At the beginning of this article I said some friends and I were being blackmail. On November 6, 2014 Ms. Caroline Hogan began her campaign to destroy us. After posting my real name and real pictures of me she turned on someone else, the real target Bob. You see going after me and especially going after Nancy is a means to an end for Ms. Hogan.


This brings us to Bob


Bob is a nice man from a not so small town with a very tightknit community. Ms. Hogan has blackmailed him into silence, she has threatened to mail copies of whatever it is that she has or has made up to his church, job and everybody else she can get her hands on. I believe Bob to be a standup guy struggling as many of us do to get through this life. He like all people has a few flaws but he is working hard to improve his life how many of us can say that. Ms. Hogan’s campaign of harassment and blackmail have put him between a rock and a hard place. Ms. Hogan has threatened to do the same thing to him that she has already done to Nancy. She has exposed his children on social media and threatened to go after them in the real world as well. I have urged many times at great length to get Bob to come here and tell his story. At the time of this writing he is paralyzed with fear locked down his accounts and has been spiraling into a major depressive state. I for one can completely understand that, I too locked down all of my social media accounts, I only reopened my twitter account on November 9 because a friend reminded me I cannot let Ms. Hogan control my life online or otherwise. Bob’s attempt to get Ms. Hogan to stop her terroristic campaign of harassment and blackmail have been unsuccessful.


I have a very strong feeling that this article is going to set Ms. Hogan off on the bus to crazy town again.


Who else has Caroline Hogan tried to destroy in the real world because of actions in the Twitter sphere? I have made attempts to contact her other victims but only one so far has come forward on the record. Let’s examine her story shall we. This is another email exchange I had with a fellow twitter user that was unfortunate enough to come across Ms. Hogan’s vitriol.

Once again my notations will be (enclosed)


“Hi Jon,”


“I know this has been a difficult time for all of us. I know it has been for me. I joined twitter in 2009 right after Obama was sworn in, thanks to Glenn Beck.

(She doesn’t mean Glenn Beck got Obama sworn in. In point of fact Glenn Beck and The Blaze are the reason I started this blog and my twitter account to)

In all of that time I have never experienced such anger, hatred, and emotional upheaval as I have since the time Caroline Hogan began following me on twitter.


Caroline followed me in July. We were not close and only randomly acquainted. In August another person that had “introduced” us ended up blocking her. She Direct Messaged (DM) me to ask me what I thought about it and why she had been blocked. I had no answers for her. From that point forward she targeted the man who had blocked her, using his photo and making memes directed at him which she posted. (Provided in the gallery)  This behavior continued until September 15, 2014 when the guy deactivated his account. (Another person Ms. Hogan has run off social media)


Prior to September, I had used my real name as my @name on twitter. (FYI twitter handles are @username) Caroline used my name and searched for me on Facebook and sent me a friend request, (anybody else seeing a pattern) which I approved. I’m not on Facebook much and use it solely to keep in touch with family who live out of state. This did, however, give Caroline access to my photographs and such. Also during this time she and I had chatted via Yahoo Messenger. She had also begun chatting with Bob on a regular basis. Caroline and Bob talked more than she and I did.


On Saturday, September 27, 2014 Caroline and I were in a twitter conversation with Mike, Bob, and Ray. Eventually Caroline and Bob began “sexting” in the timeline. She began asking Bob about “trouser snakes” and they were soon discussing ejaculating pythons and wet sheets. I jokingly told them to “get a room.” Ray also made a like-minded comment. Mike politely asked to be “untagged” from the conversation. I had been watching a Saturday afternoon football game and had become distracted when my phone notifications started going off one right after the other. They were all from Caroline who was upset that Mike had asked to be untagged. She began calling him names and posting vile pics to him in the conversation thread. Mike came back and asked her what her problem was and she never replied to his question although she did continue to post memes to him. Mike asked me what the problem with Caroline was. I told him I would tell him in DM. Caroline had accused him of being pissy, being a “misery guts,” intoxicated, on his man period, just to name a few. (Screenshots in the gallery) Caroline wanted me to tell Mike that he was being a dick because he didn’t like it because other guys had joined the conversation and he didn’t want to share his “toy” meaning me. (Another innocent lady being used to get back at a man)


In the course of the conversation I had asked Mike about a book quote that he had posted but was unable to find. When he and I were talking I asked him if that was why he had asked to be untagged. He told me that he honestly hadn’t seen it, and that with so many people in the conversation, it was hard to keep up with everyone and every tweet since he was posting from his phone. I asked him why he had asked to be untagged and he explained to me that he didn’t enjoy the smutty talk and felt that the public TL (timeline) wasn’t the place to carry on such conversation, and that DMs were available for that type of conversation. I told him that I agreed and had told them to “get a room.” It was not feasible (or reasonable) to hurl Caroline’s erroneous accusations at him after he had told me his reasons for opting out of the conversation.


Because I didn’t defend Caroline’s actions towards Mike, she took it personally and said I had “thrown her under the bus” and wasn’t a “real” friend to her. She immediately blocked Mike and a couple of days later she had blocked me as well. She began posting pics directed at me: “Friends don’t throw friends under the bus.” Or “Throwing Friends Under the Bus must be a Southern thing.” (People always seem to have the wrong impression of us Southerners) I ignored every insult directed at me and didn’t reply or involve other people. (Good for you) Within a few days both Mike and Bob had DM’d me asking me about Caroline. It was at this time that I told them what had transpired between Caroline and myself. This was on October 4th.


In the course of a few days, Caroline had recruited NY (a passionate follower of TheBonfireMedia) to help her convince Bob to block me. I was informed via Bob that every time he replied to a tweet of mine, he was in essence, slapping Caroline in the face and that somehow I was a “twitter whore who had trampled all over her.” NY told Bob that he had to block me straight up. (An example of Ms. Hogan getting other people to do her dirty work) Bob told them it was a free twitter and he would follow whomever he chose and that he wasn’t in high school any more. This infuriated Caroline and she deactivated her @DillyPickler (twitter username) /BleakExpectations (moniker) account.


On October 10th I received a message from Bob saying, “She’s baaaaaack!” with a screenshot of her page. (In gallery) She was using my deceased mother’s name as her moniker:  (respectfully withheld), with a ghost avatar. The anniversary of my Mom’s death is Nov 12 so she is being deliberately cruel. Mental and emotional abuse/bullying.”


(Let us pause right here and let that sink in. Caroline Hogan is using the name of the recently deceased mother of someone she once called a friend.)


“I was very upset that she had resorted to such cruelty when I had not spoken to her since she had blocked me in September. Sometime near October 16 Mike tweeted to Caroline and called her out for the smutty talk and her treatment to me. As it was her “new” @GuacamoleCaz  / (respectfully withheld),  account she had not blocked him. He blocked her afterwards and has not spoken to her since then. (Good for him)


On November 6th Caroline began character assassination of myself and everyone involved. She began posting screenshots of private DMs in her TL. These postings lasted all day. She also posted a photo of my deceased mother with the caption “Mama didn’t raise you right.” (Six days before the one year anniversary) I was very emotional and hurt that she would resort to such hurtful measures. I reported each tweet that had my name and my mother’s photo. Just prior to this outburst of vitriol and vengeance, she had once again changed her @name to @DillyPicklerTwo.




Caroline has targeted friends, their kids, and has carried out character assassination of myself and everyone who was originally involved in the first conversation: Mike, Bob, and myself. Then she targeted those people that she herself was responsible for bringing into the mess: NY, Nancy, and Jon.  Especially Nancy as she was jealous that Bob and Nancy chatted often. As of today, Sunday, November 9, Caroline has protected her tweets and no one can see what she is posting about us.”


Sincerely, Lassie



Thank you Lassie for that, very enlightening, you illustrate the pattern of abuse, vengeance, stalking, using and deceiving others for her terroristic tactics perfectly. I started writing this article on November 8 and finishing up on November 11 after doing this last part I’d like to stop and say our prayers are with you Lassie and your family. That part about her mom touches me quite deeply my mother-in-law passed away two years ago in October. I think any of us that have lost a parent or a dear loved one can see the absolute disgust in what Ms. Hogan did in posting that picture and making those kinds of awful remarks.



In conclusion I would like to add a few things. The names have been changed at their request. I think anyone with a kind heart and a good soul can understand why. Prior to the posting of this article I attempted to contact Ms. Hogan to see if she had anything to say. In the gallery and footnotes below you’ll find some of the screenshots, evidence and proof I was able to obtain at the time this article was posted. Any further evidence or updates will be posted below. I would urge my readers not to try and contact or harass Ms. Hogan at all, however, I cannot control the actions of others. If you do, I would strongly urge you to be polite.


Thank You, Jon T Dragon


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