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Help Out TheBonfireMedia (TBM): Web Site Management (WSM): Vet Program (VP): Stray Cats (SC)

Vet Program:

Making and managing websites for Vet with PTSD your support is need and very much appreciated.

Hi I’m Jon, I’m helping Vet’s by making and managing websites for them. Most Vets are injured in someway and have very little money. The work I offer is free for my time, up to a month per-account (19.95hr x5=99.75)… but the hosting, domain name other non-free stuff is hard for me to buy out of pocket because I’m just as broke as the rest of US.

The hosting and domain names will be from, the business package. Normally the cost of setting up a website starts at 250 and that’s a basic, modified to you(r)/business, html template. The sites I have been giving away are simple to full custom CMS with their own domain. The sites are setup, seo-ed, linked to twitter, facebook,  etc… They come with training on how to use if need be.  This is what I do for anyone and charge a fair price for it. I wish I didn’t have to ask for help but here we are…

Lots Of Love, Jon

Stray Cats

Yes Actual Stray Cats not the band although I do like Stray Cats – Rock This Town

The Bonfire Media is a haven for stray cats, i don’t know why (lie) but cats just keep showing up at Camp Dragon. I would have every cat spayed or neutered but i can’t afford it, and feeding 27 and counting is getting out of hand. With that I’m asking for your help, no i can’t send some to you but you can “adopt” them all.  Why “all you ask good question, because they’re cats they come and go most are hard to get close to and we don’t play favorites here. Right Cheeto

Daddy! I'm stuck

Daddy! I’m stuck

ok she’s the only one I took in personally… Anywho… I’ll  keep posting pics so you can see what you’re supporting. As always your support is need and very much appreciated.

Strays of Camp Dragon

Help Out TheBonfireMedia

Life is so hard for us poor lonely Dragons…… ok anyway, I’m not asking for money for no reason or because i’m a little short on the car payment. There are lots of thing i need to do and even more people i want to help. I’m doing what i can with no money but i can do so much more with just a little bit from a lot of you. I’m not asking something for nothing, it looks like it but i’m really not. I know a few digital downloads of the things I Photo shopped is small, I am working on real products like coffee cups, bumper stickers, buttons …etc TBMcpShop At the very least you have the knowledge that your support truly is being put to good use. I will this year (2017) work on becoming a 501c3 so you can have a deduction for your help, just another bonus of being a great Camper here at TheBonfireMedia. As always your support is need and very much appreciated.

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