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– Jim Molock

All groups who believe in the following principles, beliefs, and/or issues and want to work to save and restore this great nation of ours must come together starting now under a Formatted Umbrella leadership. A round table per se with the leaders of the largest groups unifying us as one. I would hope this group could come under the designation of Christian Conservative Constitutionalists since this would cover a wide spectrum of issues we all feel deeply about and are concerned the current direction will complete the destruction of the all important foundation of the greatest and most successful nation ever established. 

We if need be, we could form a third party under these core priciples and become The Constitution Party. I absolutely believe we comprise The Great Super Majority of citizens at the local, state, and national level. Christian Conservative Constitutionalists must Unite, for so many organizations without Unity will never be a majority.

These issues are as follows as I see them but may be expanded for further inclusion as long as they do not violate the Original Intent of the Constitution. The founding fathers and others who help to found this great nation were wise and inspired. The founders foresaw correction would be needed and allowed for them through a process that involves “We The People”. We are where we are for we have allowed ourselves to be here through apathy, and must tread lightly lest we lose all our beloved and hard earned freedoms.

Fiscal conservatism, minimal federal government, low and less burdensome tax system as local as possible, absolute minimum regulation primarily at the state level, unrivaled national defense, pro-work, pro-free enterprise, strong accountable local and state governments, quality educational choice, Judeo-Christian foundational rights, evangelical Christianity, freedom of worship, strong families, pro-Israel, pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights, pro-life, and believers and seekers of the great American dream. 

Please understand these are foundations. I am sure there are other ideas that will come. Both political parties are becoming more and more irrelevant. The great coalition lies with Christian Conservative Constitutionalists. Room for many who have beliefs in these three areas which I believe to be The foundation of the greatest nation ever established. Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalists.

We must organize immediately and create a nationwide network that will place us forward as the Great Super Majority of Americans which I believe us to be. We must have strong organizations in every county, city, state, and all across rural America. The DEMS do this why can we not? This must be started now as we prepare for the 2014 mid-term elections as well as the 2016 presidential election and beyond. 

This organizing must be continual not something scrambled into place prior to an election. It must be at all levels of government and civil society and be guided and maintained by the strong beliefs outlined above. We must once organized move swiftly into the education system which we must remove from the hands of the federal government. This will be a long term venture, a struggle of years to restructure education.

We must start at the beginning fighting for truth, family values, ethics, patriotism, and civics in education. This is what we set back and watched the DEMS undo over the last 40 years. We must make strong bold moves to correct Education for this is where future generations learn where they go and what they support. We must take it back. We must monitor our schools very closely at local level to ensure the greatest success of our children and once more be the best educated people on the planet. 

It is my fervent hope that many millions participate in this mission for I know many have the beliefs and I am sure the experience, people, resources, and organization to help make this happen. I ask you all please help consolidate, organize, educate, motivate, register and most of all vote at all levels and opportunity. Save and restore our nation. Unite2014/2016 Please extend a hand to other like minded organizations and coalesce, become one as well as The Greatest Super Majority America has ever known, Christian Conservative Constitutionalists. 

Below is what I know The UN and the DEMS have been moving toward successfully and have almost completed and what we must reverse. If Republicans do not move to stop and reverse this, then we know they have moved with the DEMS(PROGS) on this and if it is to be stopped, we must create a third party. The above formula can be used to bring more than enough voters to a third party. The UN/DEM Plan as you see is meant to break us apart and this must not be allowed for we have been and shall remain the strongest force for right and good on earth.


1.Control Education – complete
2.Break apart Family – complete
3.Alienate us from GOD – complete
4.Destroy Patriotism – complete
5.Disarm Lawful Citizens – coming soon

Think, Discuss, Pray – Surely you will inevitably reach the conclusion in an election against the democrats you are outnumbered as a single group. If we reach out to one another with the realization we cannot agree on 100% of issues all the time and that is okay as long as we support our core principles at every opportunity. The Republicans can be the foundation of this strategy but, if they are not interested and cannot agree with the basic core principles above then we start a new party. 

If we center on most of the important items listed above we can become The Great Super Majority with Unity2014. The third party should always and in every way place its best foot forward. The name that could be given to the party that would easily let voters identify could be The Constitution Party but it is in use. This is our goal and what we would strive for and it immediately shows who we are. What I am saying that if the 350+ Conservative organizations establish contact and join forces to work closely with one another and pull together resources. we would certainly be recognized as the undisputed majority force. 

Please help establish contact with like minded organizations and come together hopefully with the Republican party, if not then Conservatives of all persuasions. Perhaps the Tea Party will assume a leadership role. I only know for sure is that we must win in 2014 and all in 2016 are we all become irrelevent and I for one just cannot except that. I love our Constitution and Bill of Rights and will find any way to make sure they remain relevent and the core of American values. 

UNITY 2014/2016
Jim Molock

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