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BHO NSA must do better at keeping out of news


President Barack Obama is acknowledging he must “do a better job” (at everything) of giving Americans confidence in the programs the National Security Agency has deployed to guard against terrorism.  oh we are confident that the government is violating our rights every day in as many ways as possible.

Obama says the administration should “continue to improve the safeguards” of these initiatives. of course the “safeguards” he’s talking about are, people not finding out about these “initiatives”

 His remarks on CNN’s “New Day” show Friday came in the wake of new revelations that the electronic spying program scooped up as many as 56,000 (anyone else find that number to be conveniently low) emails and other communications annually over three years by Americans not connected to terrorism.

The president conceded the NSA had “inadvertently, accidentally,(oops) pulled the emails” of some Americans. (using Google)  But he also said the programs are necessary, “these aren’t unique to the NSA” (every gov. dep. is doing it, IRS ring a bell) and the United States has to adapt “in the right way” to the confluence of terrorist threats and rapidly advancing technology.

And if people can’t trust

Obama said. “And if people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress and don’t trust federal judges to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution,

IF? IF? what the hell BHO don’t you know WE the PEOPLE DON’T TRUST the government? don’t you know that’s what the Constitution is there for, because, government CAN’T be trusted with the freedoms of the people. Government can only take freedom if it wants to grow, and the bigger it gets the more WE lose. BHO, your whole admin is the class study of why WE can’t trust the government, from day 1 you were not “abiding by the Constitution”.

You expect us to think that a ” federal judge” can keep your admin in line when you your self have ignored and dismissed Judges orders.
Do you really think WE believe that you or your admin have EVER followed the Constitution? YOU, BHO have said that WE can’t make YouTube videos in an effort to express our free speech, if fact you put that guy in jail. Your IRS said through actions that WE don’t have a right to protest OUR government when it IS doing Unconstitutional things like: “implement Obama’s extraordinarily expensive, deeply unpopular health care law”. A law that by all rights should not be, maybe your IRS OR NSA really does have some hold over Federal Judges. *Cough*Roberts*Cough* So you see BHO We can’t trust that a judge can hold you inline.

You and your democrat friends in Congress have said that WE don’t have a right to carry or own guns. In trying to pass laws that take away our rights to Self Defense you and congress are not abiding by the Constitution. We clearly can’t trust Congress to protect Our rights ether.

What is left to trust, certainly not any government  body, office, official, program, branch or you, BHO!

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