A Turn of Choice

Individual choice = Good
Government / Mob / Group demanding = Bad

If an individual chooses to do or not to do something for his/her self that is good, even if it’s a bad choice or if you think it’s a bad choice.
If the government  or left/right mob choses for you IE ‘forces” you to do or not to do something for yourself, family, business, even if it is said to be good or if you think it is good, then it really is bad.

Segregation / Intergradation (not just a white/black thing)
A person choosing to live, work, do business with this person, place or thing that they self-identify with to almost but not the exclusion of others that is self-segregation, and believe it or not that is good.
If the Gov. /Mob separatists group demands that you “will or will not” live, work, do business with this person, place or thing to the exclusion of others, that is, you can/can’t eat, drink, live, work, build and or do business, because, you are not like us or “we” don’t like/want you here etc… in other words forced segregation and that is bad.

I.e. demanding that you can’t build a Wal-Mart here is just as bad as demanding that you have to build a Wal-Mart there.

Conversely if a person chooses to live etc. where others have self-segregated to, that is to say self-integrate into a social-group/place etc. is more than good it is better for said person/group because the acceptance into an among said group is then mutual. (Directed and received by each toward the other; reciprocal: mutual respect.)

I.e. if you believe in “Christ” and the teachings in the “bible” you are welcomed into “this” church.

If however you don’t and the Gov./mob forces you or the “group” to integrate with one another to the extent that both parties do not want to be “there” then you will have animosity, nervousness, suspicions, and a general feeling of comfortableness  between the two groups. Imagine forcing a catholic church to hold mass with/within an islamic mass/mosque, or vice versa, the results would be disastrous.

In short if; white, black, yellow, brown, red, gray, gay, strait, religious, non- religious, rich not so rich and poor Blah-blah so on and so forth choose to do or not to do in part or in whole it is far better than if we, he, she, it, they, whatever are forced to by government or well-intended left/right group.

You are the best person to decide what your life is to be and with that you are the only person that responsibility falls too.

With Love, Jon


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