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Best Blaze Comment

In story on the blaze about A Halloween costume the comments are full of hate from the loser left but in there is a nugget of pure gold that is sure to really get the libtards in a wad.

endgamerOct. 27, 2013 at 7:54pm

So what? I was an abortion that came back! Wore an oversized diaper, covered myself with blood and had a coat hanger through my head… I also wrote “I want my mommy” on my chest in blood… Won hundreds at the bars on Halloween!

via ‘F**king Hilarious’?: Two Costumes You Won’t Likely See on Halloween Night (But There’s Always Facebook) |



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Best Blaze Comment

In an argument on a post from the theblaze this comment strikes me as the best sum-up



Sep. 7, 2013 at 10:36am


Yes Texas needs to get going. In an economic crisis the people voted not one but twice for BO it is very hard to argue with that kind of Short Bus. Texas has spent billions in the last few years but not on Texans. They have spent most of it on Katrina refugees and illegal aliens and the fact that they won’t go home. Houston alone had to raise taxes just to cover the cost of tutors year round to attempt to bring NOLO kids up to speed for the schools. Couple that with slashed oil production because of Obamas illegal shutting of federal oil leases and lands and the out of work roughnecks, and the EPA stopping mining and production of energy as well as the thousands of businesses that have been closed as a result and you have a lot of red ink.

If Texas seceded most of the Welfare professionals would leave immediately and probably go to Cali or Maine for the lavish benefits. The working welfare cases would just go back to work. Also the corporate taxes that the federal government relies so heavily on like Exxon and Valero would no longer go to DC and let us not forget how much military hardware and munitions the Federal Government purchases that is made right here in Texas. The Agri-Business from Texas A&M and the number of US military personnel.

I think Texas would do much better after a soul restoring divorce from this abusive dysfunctional marriage we have had to endure with the self centered egotistical parasitic rest of the nation.
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