PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Residents in one Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood had a rude awakening Wednesday morning when they woke up and discovered vulgar graffiti spray-painted on their cars and homes.

The vandalism happened on four blocks in the city’s Rhawnhurst section. The streets targeted were Hoffnagle Street, Benson Street, Emerson Street and Solly Avenue.

John Carty, a resident on Solly Avenue, says, “I’m just a little disgusted that this would happen, that’s all. The kids have nothing better to do than cause problems for older people.”

According to investigators, the vandals spray-painted racial epithets, sexual symbols and swastikas on cars, houses and fences.

The spray paint vandalism included the saying “Fu* Crakers” and some on the swastikas were backwards.

A woman from Rhawnhurst was surprised by the vandalism and says people are usually friendly in her neighborhood.

“They go by they say hi, it’s been very nice for a very long time.”

Carty, who is set to celebrate his 83rd birthday on Saturday, has a proposition for police if they catch whoever is responsible.

“I’d give them a brush and tell them to paint the house.”

So far, no arrests have been made.

Police are classifying this as a case of juvenile destruction.

The vandalism remains under investigation.

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