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    I can see my health care plan options now, but there’s no way to see any kind of detail about them. How can anybody make a decision based on the name of the plan and the price? There are specific things I need to have covered and I can’t make a decision without more information.

    • I could not agree with you more LOL Its kinda like buying a car or a house without so much as a picture to go by and just hoping it will be decent once you’ve bought it..I really hope they fix that.

    • You can’t. They aren’t telling the truth in this blog.

  • Why can’t I see the deductibles?

    • They might scare you

      • Hard-working Americans are doomed under this ACA mess. We desperately need to return to our heritage– a freedom-loving country where results are rewarded. Obamacare, simply put, redistributes income, stealing from some to give to others. Premiums for many of those not qualified for handouts (“subsidies”) have already skyrocketed–and will only get worse. People are forced to buy coverage that they don’t even need–e.g., a single man does not need maternity care– and others are compelled to pay for coverage that violates deeply held convictions (e.g., morning-after pill). Meanwhile, Congress has exempted some (including themselves!) from ACA provisions. ACA is unfair, against American principles, and end harmful for us all. We must elect those who will rid us of this awful law, and bring us away from the brink of falling down the slope toward socialism and a full-fledged nanny state. We are trillions in debt, and must change course to restore America to the prosperous, self-sufficent, exceptional and free nation that our founding fathers established and many have died for.

  • Thanks for the update. Should I keep trying to get through online? Or are you saying it’s time to give up on that and call?

    • If you are not in a huge hurry, just wait and try again around Nov 15. If you are, try signing up on the phone or in person. 1-800-318-2596. You can find in-person locations at

      • Sounds good! Will try around Nov. 15. Sincere thanks for your response!

  • Is there a way for me to find out which would be more cost effective; signing up for ObamaCare or expatriating to China?

    • Expatriating to China

    • You can go to China anytime.

    • China, because at least in china they aren’t trying to get rid of their healthcare market. China is not trying to get rid of Capitalism. They are embracing it.

    • Regardless, I think America would be a little better off with you in China. If you love your country, do move out!

    • Costa rica is a better option. I am actually being serious. The cost would be less than your deductable

  • I can finally get through to the application process and now I am getting stuck on the “Are you enrolled full time in school?” and then if yes it asks “Do you have a parent or guardian living in the state you attend school?” I click yes and the green save and submit button does not work. I click it, hit enter, I have tried everything and nothing on the page indicates it is loading anything it just does nothing. I have tried to “chat” about this issue and have been told that it is due to traffic. I beg to differ, because I have successfully gotten through the whole application up until that point at least 10 times and all during different times of the day as directed by the agent. It is a glitch and has not been fixed for at least two weeks now. It would be nice to be able to move on from that question at least. End rant.


    Not sure what you’re paying your chat agents, but save tax payer dollars by getting rid of them. I have used chat twice. Both times I was given multiple pieces of inaccurate information and it was clear the agents didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. Eventually, after wasting 10 -15 minutes of my time, they told me to call for support. This is shameless.


    I don’t want to register before I shop.!!!!!!! THAT IS A PERFECTLY REASONABLE EXPECTATION¡”!!!””””””


    There is not any information as to what providers accept these plans, deductibles, copays, etc. How can anyone even begin to make an informed decision. This idea is of showing the plans seems as if something is trying to be kept from people that may want to sign up. So all of this information should be available now, long before we share our information. So show us today.


    You can contact the insurance company offering the plan to find out what providers are in their network, just like you would if you were buying it the old fashioned way, i.e. last year. Hopefully that info will be included online soon, however.


    What a mess! What a waste of taxpayer money! What a waste of my money! Gotta love the Affordable Health Care Act! Looks like it tripled my monthly health premium


    I make about $60,000.00 per year and I’m self employed. I pay the additional self-employment tax. So after a mortgage that cost me about $27,000.00 per year, auto $4,000.00 per year, taxes $18,000.00 per year, insurances, water and power, food, approximately $15,000.00 per year. And then there’s miscellaneous, repairs, home maintenance, etc. Do the math. I can’t afford another 5 or 6 grand a year. I earn too much to get assistance and not enough to afford it. What are my choices. Get poor real soon. Take on yet another job and I have no time for that or fall off the grid. I guess the choice will be made for me. Thanks! And I voted for Obama. I understand the intent but it doesn’t take into consideration human behavior. It’s just insane!

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